NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin hair actualizes Linsanity definition, rebirth; Dwyane Wade experience

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If a person’s hairstyle is a reflection of a person’s outlook, so much can be said about that buzzing Jeremy Lin hair. Does it reflect the character of the player, or does it translate to what we can expect from the Brooklyn Nets in the upcoming season?

It doesn’t take time to figure out the words that come to your head, precipitated by that slick Jeremy Lin hair: dashing, flashy, flamboyant and whatnots.

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NBA rumors abound regarding Lin’s future.

According to a report by the NBA Jeremy Lin “isn’t the talent who took the city and the Knicks by storm a few years ago. Since then, he has fallen into a back-up level point guard who occasionally delivers starter-like flashes.”

Lin’s struggles since leaving the New York Knicks are well documented. As a Rocket guard he got supplanted by a then incoming James Harden, and his sub performance has continued since then, albeit with occasional peaks followed by low lows.

Jeremy Lin now has something much better to offer apart from his sizzling “Linsanity” days with valuable experience. He’s had a better season with the Hornets in the past season, especially when they took the Heat led by Dwyane Wade to the edge during the 1st round in the playoffs.

Dwyane Wade and his then team Miami Heat went on to advance the next round, but Jeremy Lin could have only gained so much through those challenges. While Dwyane Wade has since moved to Chicago, lessons learned follow Lin, waiting to be converted into favorable stats with the Nets.

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Lin now has what he always wanted, which is to start for a team and clock valuable time. He’s probably the smartest guy in the league, and fans are excited to see, eager to learn the latest NBA rumors on what he has got to put on the table. As a veteran in the team, he must have a lot to show.

And that Jeremy Lin hair shows you he has the passion for it. Could it mean Linsanity’s rebirth, which is now more versatile and knowledgeable?

He is a great addition to the Nets who can help players get into their game, such as with Brook Lopez. He is more stable now, and has been improving on his jump shot tirelessly. And he’s always trying to better himself.

Is he the missing star player the Brooklyn Nets need in this painful rebuilding process?

Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7


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