NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin an ‘intriguing prospect’ for the Chicago Bulls

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Jeremy Lin of the Charlotte Hornets (Photo courtesy: Instagram/ jlin7)

Jeremy Lin is officially in the free agent market after opting out of the final year of his contract with the Charlotte Hornets. One NBA rumor has the Asian-American guard linked to another East team, the Chicago Bulls and calling Lin an “intriguing prospect” at the point guard spot for the squad.

Lin, who averaged respectable numbers of 11.7 points, 3.2 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 1.0 steals per game in his first and only year with Hornets, is not expected to stay in Charlotte despite early declaration that he was happy with his stint with the team.

New reports are claiming that Lin wants a starting role for his next team and the Hornets can not provide that since they have star point guard Kemba Walker as a starter for the long-term.

According to, Jeremy Lin landing with the Bulls is a possibility and that he is an even better prospect than former Most Valuable Player Derrick Rose at the starting PG spot next season.

“Lin is an intriguing player for the Bulls. He already shoots better from 3-point range than Rose and platooned his minutes at both the one and two on the floor, capable of running the offense while Kemba Walker sat or functioning as the shooting guard with Kemba to help spread the floor and create a secondary option to help move the ball as necessary,” the article stated.

“Playing for the Bulls would help highlight the things that Lin does well. He can score from outside, even if not expertly, and he can take over games from time to time, just ask the Spurs about their visit to Charlotte this year.”

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The article also claims that Jeremy Lin would be perfect for the Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg’s system.

“The Bulls need a point guard who can facilitate an offense and will hustle and Lin can do both. Fred Hoiberg’s offense only works when the ball keeps moving and players keep moving. Generally, this is something that Lin does well, though he can get caught parking once in a while,” the report added.

With the Bulls, Jeremy Lin could start at the point guard spot especially with Rose’s injury history and if the team trades Rose this 2016 offseason.

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The Chicago Bulls, if they decide to pursue Lin, won’t be the only team trying to sign him in free agency. Teams like the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks, both of which needs a starting point guard next season, are also mentioned in NBA rumors as possible landing spots for Jeremy Lin.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/ jlin7

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