NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin mesmerized by Stephen Curry’s magical three-pointers

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Jeremy Lin (Photo Courtesy: FanDuel/YouTube)

MVP Stephen Curry’s heroics not only mesmerizes his fans, but also the fellow stars of the league with the same captivating effect. Jeremy Lin feels Curry’s three-point shooting prowess is unbelievable.

Lin tweeted a message during the Game 7 of the Western Conference finals describing the MVP’s exquisite style of unleashing the three pointers. Some on media interpreted the Asian-American’s tweet as a racial stereotype.

“Steph’s release takes as long as it takes for me to blink #cheatcode” read Lin’s tweet.

He followed it up with a politically correct one anticipating the above mentioned “racial” interpretation to silence the critics.

“And before you try…save me the racist comments,” he wrote.

According to the Charlotte Hornets’ guard, the West final series between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder was the best the league has ever produced in a long time, as reported by the Daily News. Golden State came back from 3-1 down to clinch the West finals as the tenth team in the playoffs’ history to do so.

Lin was an outspoken critic of the Chris Rock’s Asian jokes at the 2016 Oscars. The Hornets’ guard of Taiwanese descent earlier said in March: “I just feel like sometimes the way people perceive Asians or Asian-Americans today can be disappointing in the way they view them. Even Asian-American masculinity or whatever you want to talk about, just a lot of the ways that Asians are perceived I don’t always agree with.”

Lin was born in America, but his parents emigrated from Taiwan in the mid-seventies.

Photo Courtesy: FanDuel/YouTube

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