NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin is unafraid, close to recklessness; Linsanity could be affected by Brook Lopez trade

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Jeremy Lin must be hounded by lots of questions about his Linsanity brand. After all, NBA fans are so eager to see if it could still be revived, or if it was merely a one-hit wonder.

NBA rumors go that Linsanity could come back this season in a totally different form. It’s going to be more stable, wiser, thanks to Lin’s experiences since leaving the Knicks. He could be an effective veteran leader to the Nets, and so much more.

“He has high effort. He’s going to make mistakes, but they’re going to be mistakes of effort. “You’ll never have to encourage him to go full-blast, maybe to go a little slower. He’s very aggressive, that hasn’t changed. That was the way he was in Houston. I think you’ll see the same thing with the Nets.” Kevin McHale said of his former point guard in a report by the Nets Daily.

“He’s not afraid of the big shot, not afraid of the moment.’’

“He plays very close to the reckless side. That’s what makes him a good player. He still plays hard. I don’t think a lot will change. But he’s a better player than when I saw him, and he’s become content being Jeremy Lin, not Jeremy Linsanity.”

Perhaps gone are the days of Linsanity, and now we have more of what Jeremy Lin can truly become. Aside from his priceless experiences, he’s been working so much on his shooting, and NBA rumors go that he will be more consistent this year.

Apart from the offensive game, Jeremy Lin has also been working hard on his defense. As a two-way player he’s becoming a better decision maker, and more disciplined; putting much work ethic in rebuilding his game.

Meanwhile, as Jeremy Lin seems to be getting better than ever, NBA rumors circulate about a possible Brook Lopez trade.

Jeremy Lin has been openly fond of Brook Lopez, saying the big man would be vital to his move to Brooklyn. He also jokingly referred to their similarities and IQ kinship, and how Brook Lopez would make his job easier.

Would a Brook Lopez trade stunt Linsanity’s performance? Brook Lopez has been recently mentioned as a possible trading piece in case the Nets come across an enticing deal, in a report from Morning News USA.

The Nets want a more “flexible” roster and may not be waiting for next year’s free agent class or draft to improve their team.” Brook Lopez has also been improved, not only on defense but also on the 3-pt. range, which makes him an attractive asset.

A Brook Lopez trade doesn’t seem off limits, but it isn’t likely either. And besides, the big man doesn’t want his performance to be affected by NBA rumors. He is focused on developing his game and said, “I think the process will definitely continue over the regular season as well.”

“We are learning on the fly, but we have lots of intelligent, smart and selfless guys in here, so, we are picking it up quick.”

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