NBA Rumors: John Wall to Miami; Heat taking advantage of the Wall-Beal dispute in Washington

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John Wall
John Wall

The dispute between John Wall and Bradley Beal continues to circulate and is expected to affect their performance in the nearing 2016-17 NBA season. According to the latest NBA rumors, the Miami Heat will be trading Goran Dragic to acquire John Wall from the Washington Wizards.

As soon as free agency hit, the Washington Wizards did not waste any time to re-sign Bradley Beal to a five-year maximum contract worth $128 million. Beal and his backcourt partner John Wall are considered the future of the Wizards’ franchise.

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However, recently, Wall admitted that his on-court relationship with Beal needs an improvement. The 26-year-old point guard revealed that there were times that they disliked each other on the court.

“I think a lot of times we have a tendency to dislike each other on the court. … We got to be able to put that to the side. If you miss somebody on one play or don’t have something go right … as long as you come to each other and talk. If I starting arguing with somebody I’m cool. I’m just playing basketball,” Wall said in a sit-down interview with CSN’s Chris Miller.

After the news spread about their dispute, there were rumors circulating that the Washington Wizards will be trading either John Wall or Bradley Beal if the team’s performance next season will be affected.

So far, John Wall is more frequently mentioned in various trade rumors, including the Miami Heat. The Heat lost their ‘main guy’ Dwyane Wade after he decided to play for his hometown, Chicago Bulls.

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In order to acquire John Wall, the Heat needs to give up players like Goran Dragic, who can replace Wall as the Wizards starting point guard. The Heat will be needing a superstar on their team now that Wade is gone and Chris Bosh is still questionable to play next season.

If this trade proceeds, John Wall and Hassan Whiteside are expected to continue the Heat’s legacy in the succeeding years. However, this could depend on the performance of the Washington Wizards. Once the Wall-Beal dispute worsens, expect the Wizards to trade one of them.

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