NBA Rumors: John Wall says Wizards fans are the reason why ‘KD2DC’ won’t happen

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Kevin Durant (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia)

The Washington Wizards received some bad news on Saturday when they were not on the list of teams Kevin Durant will have a meeting with regarding his decision on free agency. According to the latest NBA rumors, John Wall is speculating that the Wizards fans are the reason why “KD2DC” is not going to happen.

Sam Amick of USA Today Sports first reported that the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs, and Golden State Warriors will be joining the Oklahoma City Thunder as teams Durant will meet this summer. The Knicks are also on the 2014 MVP’s radar because of the Derrick Rose trade last week.

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The 27-year-old superstar is a DC native and Wizards fans were hoping that they will be able to see Durant play for his hometown team. However, they are not part of the list, joining the Los Angeles Lakers in the fantasy world.

Wizards star point guard John Wall seems to know the answer why “KD2DC” did not happen. He speculated that the Wizards fans drove Durant away, leading to the team not even having a meeting with him.

“A lot of people will be devastated. But at the end of the day, he never promised us anything. Every day, everybody said ‘KD2DC’ coming to our games wearing all the Kevin Durant stuff, he didn’t like it at that time because you should cheer for the team that you got. That might sway him,” Wall told CSN Mid- Atlantic.

It should be noted that Durant expressed his unhappiness when the Wizards fans disrespected Wall and Beal. In his recent away game in Washington, the home fans cheered for the Thunder and that turned off Durant.

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Nonetheless, the Wizards will have to move on and prioritize re-signing Bradley Beal. They also need to add certain pieces to help the team get back to the playoffs. The Wizards went 41-41 last season after two straight trips to the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia

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