NBA Rumors: John Wall to stay with Wizards amid rift with Bradley Beal, contract situation with team?

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Many NBA rumors, reports have emerged recently regarding John Wall’s status with the Washington Wizards. It started when he first admitted that he had a rift with teammate Bradley Beal, then his expression of displeasure over NBA players signing huge contracts. But this NBA rumors report is suggesting that Wall might stay with the Wizards amid those recent reports about him.

In an interview with Wall with CSN Mid-Atlantic, the player said that that the team’s campaign won’t be successful without him and Beal playing together.

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“If we’re not on the same page and we have our ups and downs we’ll keep dealing with the same problems. We have to get control of it,” John said.

Beal also shared his sentiments in Wall’s interview based on these statements.

“I wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in without John. John wouldn’t be in the situation he’s in without me, without the rest of the team,” Bradley stated.

Their statements did not suggest that they dislike each other. The two players just need to support each other in good times and bad times.

Wall also denied that he is expressing disgust over large deals being signed by NBA players. This is because there is a recent report about John wanting to be paid like Reggie Jackson. Then, there is an earlier article about him, desiring to be given a huge Adidas contract like James Harden.

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His denial was documented by a Twitter user named, “Danny.”

Based on John’s recent Twitter posts, he is not giving an indication to leave the Wizards. It is also logical to what he said to The Vertical that he “wants to leave a legacy” with the team. Therefore, NBA rumors about him being traded to another team are unlikely to happen until after next season.

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