NBA Rumors: Kendrick Perkins knows Kevin Durant’s plan in free agency

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Serge Ibaka, Thabo Sefolosha, Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant. (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia)

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar scorer Kevin Durant has been part of NBA rumors ever since the 2015-16 season started. Durant will become a free agent at the start of July and many teams are going to try to sign him.

But where will he end up? Well, Kendrick Perkins seems to know the few teams that Durant will look at this summer.

“He did shoot some teams out there that he made me sign a confidentiality form that I couldn’t tell nobody. He’s got a few teams that he will be looking at,” Perkins told ESPN before his game against the Boston Celtics.

Perkins and Durant were teammates for almost four years before the former was traded at the 2015 trade deadline. However, the two remained friends, despite Perkins now playing with the New Orleans Pelicans.

“As a friend, I try not to talk to him too much about free agency. I always try to just want to talk to him about things outside of basketball. We talk about personal life and stuff like that. And I know he’s getting this question every day on the hour and stuff like that, so I try not to bother him,” Perkins said.

The 31-year-old center also mentioned that Durant may be leaving Oklahoma City if they don’t win an NBA championship this season.

“[The Thunder] win it all, he can’t leave, in my opinion. But if they don’t, it might be time for a change,” he said.

Perkins was also asked if Durant will consider the Boston Celtics. “You’re trying to get me to really answer the question. I can’t answer that. I want to, but I can’t. I mean, I don’t know. I do know, but I don’t know,” Perkins answered.

As mentioned in a previous report about NBA rumors, Kevin Durant has been linked with teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs and New York Knicks.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia

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