NBA Rumors: Kenneth Faried joining Jeremy Lin, Brook Lopez with Brooklyn Nets

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Lakers willing to trade Nick Young, Julius Randle for Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried and Gary Harris?
Rumors have been swirling that the Lakers are looking at placing Nick Young and Julius Randle on a trade for Denver Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried and Gay Harris.

Kenneth Faried is reportedly on the trading block for the rebuilding Denver Nuggets. New NBA rumors have linked the athletic big man to the Brooklyn Nets, where they can form a nice trio with star Brook Lopez and point guard Jeremy Lin.

According to TJ Porreca of Fansided, Faried could be a trade option for Brooklyn although he was vague in how the Nets can acquire the power forward from Denver.

He claims that there are rumors that the Nuggets are shopping Faried around the league and that the two sides “may be in a course to split up” soon.

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The Nets acquiring Faried makes sense in a lot of ways as noted by Porreca. First is that the Nets are short of big men, especially at the power forward position.

Getting Faried means Brooklyn will have the potent duo of Lopez and Faried in the frontcourt, which could be one of the best big men combinations in the Eastern Conference.

Faried also has a friendly contract and won’t hurt the Nets financially both in the short-term and long-term. However, it’s difficult for Brooklyn to make a deal with Denver as they don’t have many assets in their roster.

Unless the Nuggets just want salary cap space, the Nets are not ideal trade partners for the team from Denver. If not, this suggestions would just be one of the many NBA rumors involving Faried and the Nets this offseason.

The Nets also don’t have their first round picks in the next two rookie drafts. They will swap first rounders with the Celtics in the 2017 draft and they owe the Celtics their first round pick in the 2017 draft. They can’t trade their 2019 first round pick and they can only offer the 2020 first rounder to Denver.

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The NBA rumors of Faried to Brooklyn is improbable this 2016 offseason or during the regular season.

The Nets just don’t have the goods to make a deal with the Nuggets and they are stuck with just Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez as main piece next season plus a bunch of role players.

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