NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant free agency & Paul George Lakers offer; could they end up a formidable Pacers tandem

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Paul George Lakers, Kevin Durant free agency
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The addition of Kevin Durant to the Warriors instantly made them a super team with a lineup that includes Stephen Curry, Klay Thomspon and Draymond Green. Somehow it also made them hollow, which could result to Durant pairing with Paul George in Indiana.

The acquisition of Kevin Durant made the Warriors a smaller team, weaker on defense, and it robbed them of a strong backup that is needed to sustain the efforts of their star-studded starter line up.

At once, it makes them a formidable team, but at the same time, it gives you the impression that they are on the edge of a breakup.

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NBA rumors have impressed on a Kevin Durant free agency a possible move to the Pacers when he can exercise his player option and depart from the Warriors after next season. But why would the Pacers want to trade Paul George for him if they could make them both work together?

To make this happen the Pacers would have to pare its roster to make enough space. It may involve players like Rodney Stuckey, C.J. Miles, Glenn Robinson III, as reported by the Christian Post.

The Warriors may not be able to live up to their high expectations in the upcoming season, and may result to a super team’s debacle. Even if they are willing to put up a substantial financial effort to retain their best players they may still end up moving on to better options elsewhere when they become free agents.

Besides, the Warriors are now marred with rumors regarding internal conflicts, and being a super team may have a downside when it comes to carrying the pressure. If they wilt, Kevin Durant free agency rumors would be very welcome to the Pacers where Paul George awaits.

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A Paul George Lakers rumor has been going on lately. It involves an offer of D’Angelo Russell or Brandon Ingram for a Paul George Lakers swap. Then there’s the Kobe Bryant influence, a figure that the point guard has idolized early on.

But would Paul George miss an opportunity for a championship run along with Kevin Durant for a daydream?

Their experiences playing together in Rio is going to be a plus. Prior to jumping ship to the Warriors, Kevin Durant averaged 28.2 points, 8.2 rebounds and five assists.

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