Kevin Durant taking shot at Thunder, Russell Westbrook: Warriors star having ‘more fun’ in Golden State than OKC

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Celtics pursue Kevin Durant in free agency
Kevin Durant will be one of the highly pursued free agents this summer and rumors are swirling that he would reconsider the offer of the Boston Celtics if they would be able to build a “Big Three” of sorts in their roster.

Just in the preseason and training camp, Kevin Durant has concluded that it’s “more fun” playing with Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors than Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

This re-opens the NBA rumors that Durant clashed with his former star teammate at OKC, Westbrook, and that they did not fit together even though they were successful with the Thunder.

“I’m used to going into practice and having it a certain way,” Durant said to The Mercury News. “These guys around here are super loose. But disciplined at the same time. It’s just a fun brand. They make basketball just even more fun than it was.”

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Durant was asked if he did not had fun playing for the Thunder and but said that he “did not say that” but his statement could be interpreted that he loves playing with the Warriors more compared to his time in OKC.

One of the alleged reasons why Durant left OKC was that the star did not meet eye-to-eye with Westbrook, who tends to be selfish at times inside the court.

After playing for OKC and with Westbrook the past seasons, Durant will be teaming up with the likes of Curry, Green, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala and the Warriors, who are known for their “team play”.

The speculations around the time of Durant free agency was that he was not too happy playing alongside Westbrook.

“Everybody is super-focused, but they realize that we’re playing a game and you’re supposed to enjoy it,” Durant added in the interview.

“It’s great for me. Especially for someone who is just used to always being drill sergeant with what I do. To relax a little bit, let my hair hang a little bit has been fun.”

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Was this one of the reasons why Durant joined the “fun” Warriors? Did Durant take a shot at his former teammate Westbrook and the Thunder organization?

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