NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Warriors weakness defensively; LeBron James back to back win in Cavaliers vs Warriors possible

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Kevin Durant Warriors
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Everyone in the NBA must think the Golden State Warriors are lucky to have signed Kevin Durant, and rightfully so. He was voted as the league MVP in 2014, he’s a seven-time NBA All-Star, and a five-time All-NBA First team.

Not only is Kevin Durant Warriors’ most decorated player, but also on the basketball court, where it really matters, he is practically impossible to guard when he shoots from long range. And even if they do he’d punish any defender by going to the basket, and his passing skills are stellar.

But if there’s one thing that Durant lacks on his flashy resume, it’s his defensive skillset.

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NBA rumors circulate that defense could be Kevin Durant Warriors weakness. Even Steve Kerr made it clear that defense is something that he’s practically concerned about.

It may not be as bad as NBA rumors have impressed on us. It’s just that he’s never been named to an NBA All-Defensive team, first team or second, as pointed out in a report by CSN.

It means this is something he can certainly improve on, and coach Steve Kerr said, “That’s hard to do, but for sure he has the potential.”

“He’s got the length and the quickness and the intelligence. He’s been playing in the league a long time. He’s seen every action, every concept. So feels stuff before it happens.”

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Defense may not directly be a Kevin Durant Warriors liability, but his entry into the team definitely weakened their second unit, and this is one thing LeBron James could take advantage of in the highly anticipated Cavaliers vs Warriors rematch.

LeBron James is an offensive machine, plus he has the size, speed, and skills to get the Warriors first team in foul trouble.

Analysts doubt Golden State has enough firepower to sustain their onslaught if and when the Cavaliers vs Warriors end up in a finals rematch.

On his defensive development, Kevin Durant said, “Coach Adams is on me every second of the day defensively, wanting to see me helping with rebounding, using my length on the defensive end.”

On Durant’s untapped potential on being a defensive strategist, Ron Adams, the Warriors’ defensive coordinator gives a positive outlook saying, “I like his progress right now. He’s been steady. He’s focused.”

Whether the Cavaliers vs Warriors ever find themselves competing again in the Finals, NBA rumors speculate that the likelihood looks good. It also debunks theories that Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant aren’t seeing eye to eye.

“I really don’t like him,” Stephen Curry said jokingly in a report by NBA.

“I’m just messing with you.” He even defended his teammate against boos from the crowd and negativity he received when he debuted as a Warrior in the preseason.

“It’s just funny,” Curry said. “I highly doubt anybody in this arena was affected by (Durant’s free-agent decision). It’s just funny kind of buying into a narrative that doesn’t really make sense.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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