NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant will sign with the Lakers, says Shaq

Miami Heat center Shaquille O’Neal (L) sits with Philadelphia 76’ers guard Allen Iverson courtside during first half action in the 2005 NBA All – Star Rookie Challenge game in Denver, Colorado, in this file photo taken February 18, 2005. O’Neal and Iverson were named to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2016 on Monday, according the NBA. REUTERS/John Gress/Files

When former Lakers center Shaquille O’neal was asked in an interview if where the Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant would play next season, O’Neal paused and answered while smiling, “The Los Angeles Lakers”.

The retirement of the Lakers legend Kobe Bryant on Wednesday came up with a major question on who will be the next superstar that will lead the Los Angeles Lakers with Shaq claiming that Durant will land with the Lakers in the upcoming offseason, according to a report from 247 Sports

The young core D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle are still on the developing stage and the Lakers need a superstar to lead them back to playoff contention.

Though O’Neal’s answer didn’t have proof but pure speculation, there are past rumors that Durant might be playing for the Lakers. Based on a previous report, one Rockets official said that if Durant will not stay with his current team Oklahoma City Thunder, or reunite with his former teammate James Harden with the Houston Rockets, the Thunder superstar might end up heading for Los Angeles Lakers.

Most people would assume that this was only just a prediction but Lakers fans were still hoping that a replacement for Kobe Bryant as a team leader and star player would arrived to help the Lakers continue its legacy.

Also, if the Los Angeles Lakers will really target Kevin Durant in the upcoming free agency, they must consider tapping other stars that can help Durant along with the young core.

Chances will be getting higher of Kevin Durant not re-signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder if they will not go all the way to the title in this 2016 NBA Playoffs.

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