NBA Rumors: Kevin Love to Chicago Bulls still alive; Cavaliers to break-up LeBron James’ championship squad

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Cavaliers not keen on trading Kevin Love? Not even for DeMarcus Cousins?
Defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers sends a strong message that they are not trading Kevin Love, yet, as rumors are swirling that not even DeMarcus Cousins name comes close to get them to swap Love.

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title last season, the first in their franchise history, but the offseason has brought many NBA rumors that LeBron James’ team is still considering major changes to the team.

The only reason for these speculations is brought about the fact that the Cavaliers’ main rivals, the Golden State Warriors and the other top teams in the East, have made major upgrades this summer.

It’s only natural that the defending champions think of ways to improve their squad for the 2016-2017 NBA Season.

Recent NBA rumors have included Kevin Love in many trade scenarios. There are the trade speculations sending him to the Boston Celtics since they have multiple players from different positions that can provide depth to the Cavaliers.

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One early summer rumor that just won’t die down is the Kevin Love to the Chicago Bulls blockbuster. However, this is very difficult to accomplish for both sides since Love earns about $22 million for the upcoming season. For any Chicago-Cleveland trade to happen, the Bulls must send multiple players just to get a single player in Love.

It’s a possibility though but it assumes that LeBron James allows their “Big 3” to be broken up and that the Cavaliers value depth over star power.

Via ESPN Trade Checker, a Kevin Love for Robin Lopez and Nikola Mirotic works under NBA trade rules.

The Bulls will give up a young prospect like Mirotic but getting Love makes sense since they are in “win now” mode this year. They got veterans Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade this summer and adding Love to Jimmy Butler as main pieces on offense will make them a very good team in the East.

The Cavaliers can use some of Lopez’s defense and the versatility of Mirotic. Since Love was underused for much of last season, they won’t miss his offense and LeBron will like the depth in their frontcourt.

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Should the Cavaliers explore trading Kevin Love this summer? Or stick with the big man in their title defense?

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