NBA Rumors: Key to Celtics deal for a superstar, Westbrook, Cousins or Griffin, is Brooklyn’s 2017 draft pick

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NBA rumors are changing by the minute with regard the Boston Celtics trade for a superstar. Mentioned in the speculations are the names of Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder), DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings) and Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers) this 2016 offseason with possible deals of one of the stars going to Boston.

One big factor is Boston’s unwillingness to let go of a 2017 first round pick they will get from the Brooklyn Nets, which the Celtics acquired in a previous deal that involved Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

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According to RealGM, Boston has the right to swap its 2017 1st round pick for Brooklyn’s 2017 1st round pick. This means that the Celtics can have another top prospect or lottery draft pick in next year’s rookie draft and this could be used as trade bait for teams like the Thunder, Kings or Clippers.

However, there are NBA rumors that the Celtics are unwilling to give up the Nets’ 2017 first round pick and that could be the cause why Danny Ainge can’t finalize a deal for a superstar.

The Brooklyn pick is highly valued because the Nets are expected to be one of the worst teams in the league next season. The Nets have Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin in their starting line-up but they don’t have much depth and set to appear in the lottery again for next year’s draft.

From any of the Clippers, Thunder or Kings, they want that future pick plus current assets that include any of the starting players from the Celtics and their top rookie prospect Jaylen Brown, who was the third overall pick in the recent NBA Draft.

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NBA rumors will continue to include the Celtics as they try to get a superstar this summer. It looks like letting go of the 2017 draft pick from Brooklyn will help Boston’s cause in getting their franchise player.

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