NBA Rumors: ‘The King’ not yet re-signing; LeBron James waiting for Thunder’s decision, wants to team up with Russell Westbrok in Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons)

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around LeBron James, who is reportedly teaming up with Russell Westbrook in the Los Angeles Lakers to beat the Golden State Warriors’ ‘Super Team’ next season.

LeBron James has not given any details yet regarding when he will sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It seems like ‘The King’ is thinking something that will rock the NBA world. Kevin Durant recently signed with the Golden State Warriors. This move cultivates the minds of NBA fans that the 2016 top free agent is very desperate to win his first NBA title.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are still the team that is capable of beating the Golden State Warriors. However, their main man, LeBron James, is still not re-signing with the team. According to Chris Haynes of, James has not yet notified the Cavaliers when he intends to re-sign. Is he waiting for something or about to make an unexpected move?

Russell Westbrook has been the center of trade rumors when Kevin Durant decided to leave the team. Jason McIntyre of The Big Deal suggested that the Thunder should trade him before the 2016-17 NBA season starts. It will be a better move than freeing Russell Westbrook in 2017 NBA free agency without getting anything in return.

The Los Angeles Lakers are the emerging candidate to be the landing spot of the Thunder superstar. Russell Westbrook is a Los Angeles native and rumored to play for his hometown. With the end of the Kobe Bryant era, many were expecting that an NBA superstar free agent will be interested in taking over the throne. Will it be LeBron James?

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LeBron James is known for his capability of bringing a former loser into a championship caliber team. There are speculations that James has not yet re-signed because he is still waiting for a ‘big move’. That big move might refer to the move of the Thunder to trade Westbrook to the Lakers.

If that rumor became a reality, there is a higher possibility that LeBron James will ask the Lakers to trade for more supporting cast in their team. With the acquisition of James and Westbrook, NBA superstars would not think twice to join them and beat the ‘Super Warriors’, who are currently the most favorite team to win the 2017 NBA championship.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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