NBA Rumors: Kings-76ers trade suggests DeMarcus Cousins to Philadelphia, Nerlens Noel to Sacramento in 2017?

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The Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers are teams that have at least one dominant center in their rosters. This is why many NBA rumors have emerged about the Kings’ player DeMarcus Cousins and the 76ers’ Nerlens Noel being traded to another team. But this NBA rumors report is suggesting a trade that will see Cousins to Philadelphia and Noel in Sacramento.

According to Zach Harper of CBS Sports, one league executive in the league is expecting Cousins to leave Sacramento in 2018 if he is not traded by the team then. That is the year that DeMarcus will be a free agent, and could sign with other teams.

“They’re fooling themselves if they think he’s sticking around,” said by the executive.

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Harper suggested that the Kings will use the next season to find the best possible deal for the big man.

Meanwhile, Noel is in the same boat as Cousins right now. This is because there is a report earlier about the 76ers planning to trade one of their centers in the lineup. The team did not directly name Nerlens as the player they will trade. But the center seemed fine about moving into another team.

Therefore, it would be unfair for Philadelphia to trade either Jahlil Okafor or Joel Embiid from their roster. It is because the two are still quiet about leaving the team. This is why trading Noel is just a logical thing for the franchise to make.

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The 76ers and Kings could actually work out a trade involving Cousins and Noel. It is a straight trade that would see DeMarcus to Philadelphia, while the Kings will receive Noel and other players that could match Cousins’ salary.

This NBA rumors report might not be executed this off-season, but there is a strong possibility that it could come to fruition at some point next season.

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