NBA Rumor: Are Jeremy Lin and Ty Lawson still on Phil Jackson’s radar?

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Jeremy Lin (Photo Courtesy: Gene Wang/Flickr)

Jeff Hornacek has revealed that he will be using parts of the triangle offense in his game-plan at a press conference on Friday after taking charge as the New York Knicks‘ coach. The Knicks are reconsidering their free agency targets according to Hornacek’s plans.

“We have a young player that’s obviously inexperienced after his first year,’’ Hornacek pointed out at the press conference. “He’ll get better and better. Jose is kind of later in his career. If we can find a middle guy to bridge those two guys, it would be good. There’s a lot of guys out there. I’m sure Phil Jackson, team president and Steve Mills, general manager are looking at everything.’’

The new Knicks‘ boss also added that his team will look for a player in the free agency who is capable of guiding the younger guard and assisting the senior one already there in the roster.

Previously it was expected that the Knicks‘ will go all-out after star point guards as the former Phoenix Suns’ head coach will apply a traditional offensive system where the guards have an immense role to play. He ruled the Phoenix sidelines with a bounty of point guards. But Hornacek isn’t going to bury the triangle offense, rather use parts of it to develop his strategy. So, the Knicks‘ front-office has changed their free agency plans.

According to a report from the New York Post, the Knicks will have to think twice at this situation before pursuing Jeremy Lin or Ty Lawson this summer. The sources closer to the franchise hinted that the Knicks consider Lawson’s off-court issues too big a risk and Lin’s defense too gaping.

Photo Courtesy: Gene Wang/Flickr

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