NBA Rumors: Knicks willing to give Iman Shumpert a second chance, just like Derrick Rose; Andre Iguodala trade

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Iman Shumpert, Andre Iguodala trade
Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/ Flickr, Iman Shumpert, Andre Iguodala trade, Knicks

Iman Shumpert has become a regular name in the NBA rumors list, thanks to his extracurricular activities. The latest update of the Cavs shooting guard is that he’ll be playing with the New York Knicks along with Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose.

Iman Shumpert has been placed on the trading block by the since his arrest for DUI charges. Still not shying away from trouble and controversy, he has pledged to take a knee during the national anthem just like Colin Kaepernick, but has recently retracted his stance according to a report by Cleveland.

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He’s been taking strides outside the basketball court, and many wishes he could just about do the same in his professional basketball career.

NBA rumors had him flying to the Cavs rivals, Golden State Warriors in exchange for an Andre Iguodala trade, but none of that pushed through as Iman Shumpert pales in comparison to the former NBA Finals MVP, and the Warriors wouldn’t be getting their worth of the bargain to the hilt.

Iman Shumpert’s name may be more popular now, but he’s not even an all-star player. And definitely not at par for an Andre Iguodala trade.

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In spite of his behest calls for socio-political awareness, especially in support of the protest of police violence toward African-Americans, he hasn’t come clean himself for being arrested for DUI.

His car was spotted not being able to maintain its lane, reeking of marijuana upon his arrest, and no doubt putting people’s lives indiscriminately in danger.

Fortunately, the New York Knicks seem interested in acquiring his services. The team has dealt with Derrick Rose, who’s had legal issues too, but found ways to smoothen over it.

According to the Gospel Herald the Knicks are in the process of finalizing Iman Shumpert’s entry. As NBA rumors have it, the trade could possibly help the Cavs in finally signing J.R. Smith, where they’re having trouble doing due to a dwindling cap space.

More importantly for Iman Shumpert, he’ll get to have a second chance to redeem himself with a team that has Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose willing to take him in.

Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/ Flickr

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