NBA Rumors: Kobe Bryant to play for the Knicks next season, says TV host Jason Whitlock

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Kobe Bryant (Photo Courtesy: Alexandra Walt/Flickr)

Kobe Bryant ended his legendary 20-year career last season with a bang with a 60-point performance against the Utah Jazz. However, television host Jason Whitlock thinks Bryant will come out of retirement and play for the New York Knicks.

In a recent episode of “Speak For Yourself” on FOX Sports 1, Whitlock said that the Black Mamba is not done playing basketball. He noted that it was just his belief and he has no insider sources within the Knicks and Bryant’s camp.

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“Kobe Bryant will play for the Knicks next season. He is not done in the NBA. Kobe Bryant has done everything to put himself in position to play again next season. The 60-point game was his statement to the world, ‘I can still play basketball,’” Whitlock said.

Okay. Just look at his co-host Colin Cowherd’s reaction, priceless. But of course, it’s not impossible to think that Bryant will play in the NBA again. He has the same competitive gene that powered Michael Jordan to unretired twice.

However, it should be noted that Bryant will turn 38 years old on August 23 and he has been plagued by injuries for the past several years. Just last season, he missed 16 games due to a bum shoulder. He is in great shape for his age but all the mileage of his career has taken its toll on his body.

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It’s not bad to see Kobe Bryant play in the NBA again but it would not be great either. He went out the best way he can, a 60-point performance that captivated the world.

He has nothing left to prove because he already won five NBA titles, two Finals MVP, and one NBA MVP in his career. He is a top ten player of all time and he is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Stay retired, Kobe. You deserve it.

Photo Courtesy: Alexandra Walt/Flickr

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