NBA Rumors: Kristaps Porzingis loves Derrick Rose’s ‘Super Team’ comment for the Knicks

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Kristaps Porzingis (Photo Courtesy: Dudek1337/Wikimedia)

Derrick Rose made a bold declaration when he said that his new team, the New York Knicks should be considered one of the “Super Teams” in the league. His new teammate, star big man Kristaps Porzingis is not backing down from the comment saying he loves his new point guard’s confidence for the Knicks’ potential for the upcoming 2016-2017 NBA Season.

“That just shows his confidence, that he believes in us. I don’t know what’s a super team and what’s not a super team, but what I think he meant was that we’re able to win every game.” Porzingis, who will just play in his second year in the league, said to about Rose’s bold prediction.

“Not that we’re going to win 82 games with zero losses. But every team that comes up, we’re able to beat them because we have enough talent.”

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Porzingis and Rose will be joined by Carmelo Anthony, Courtney Lee and Joakim Noah in the Knicks’ starting five in the new NBA season. It’s an upgrade of their previous line-up when only Anthony, Porzingis and Robin Lopez was the worthy players in the roster.

The Knicks went 32-50 last year, the third worst in the Eastern Conference. However, with the addition of Rose and Noah, New York is likely to battle for a playoff spot in the new NBA season.

NBA rumors and speculations have surrounded the Knicks this offseason with Rose involved in a gang rape case, which could distract the team in the new NBA season.

Rose is seen as an easy upgrade over the Knicks’ point guards that included Jose Calderon and other unproven players. Noah will assume Lopez’s former role as rim protector and main rebounder.

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However, the Knicks main problem will be how to make Anthony and Porzingis work together and fulfill their potential.

Photo Courtesy: Dudek1337/Wikimedia

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