NBA Rumors: LA Clippers ‘overwhelming favorite’ to re-sign Chris Paul, says Woj

Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers
PHOTOGRAPH: Keith Allison/Flickr | Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers

Chris Paul will be one of the most coveted point guards in the free agency market this summer. Aside from the Los Angeles Clippers, the San Antonio Spurs are also interested in signing the All-Star guard. Will CP3 leave Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan to team up with Kawhi Leonard in San Antonio?

The Clippers will be making a tough decision in the upcoming offseason. Three of their starters, Paul, Griffin, and J.J. Redick, will become free agents in July. However, a month before free agency hits, the Clippers already revealed their plan to give Griffin and Paul max contracts.

Spurs unlikely to sign Chris Paul in free agency

However, the Clippers aren’t the only team who’s willing to give CP3 a lucrative contract. Recently, the San Antonio Spurs are reportedly interested in adding Paul on their team. In an appearance on CBS Sports Radio, Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical talked about Chris Paul and the Spurs’ chance of signing him this summer.

“Not that I see,” Wojnarowski said of Paul’s chances of ending up with the Spurs. “I don’t know where that came from. I’ve spent a lot of time around the Spurs this spring. They would have to just tear up that entire payroll. It’s almost unlike anything the Spurs would’ve done or would do to even have a chance at him. I mean, they’d have to really gut the roster. And to do that for a 30-plus year old point guard, who has a couple great years left, there’s no question — I think there’s more pressure on the Clippers to have to re-sign him than for the Spurs to turn their whole franchise over to make a run at him.”

The Spurs need to make a huge sacrifice to bring Paul to San Antonio this offseason. These include letting go their own incoming free agents and forcing Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili to retire.

Clippers still the top free agency destination for Chris Paul

As Woj notes, the Clippers are still the “overwhelming favorite” to sign Paul. They are the only team who can offer him a five-year deal worth more than $200 million in the upcoming free agency.

“Listen, Chris Paul, financially, the difference with him staying in L.A. and to get paid, I’d have a hard time imaging him leaving there,” Woj said. “There’s so much money for him to be made and at that Los Angeles market, just in terms of his marketing endorsements, I still think they’re a pretty overwhelming favorite to re-sign him.”

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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