NBA Rumors: LA Lakers to sign Chandler Parsons as the next face of the franchise

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As the free agency period draws near, Chandler Parsons of Dallas Mavericks has become a more realistic option for a franchise wanting to rebuild its line-up. It is not a secret to everyone that Los Angeles Lakers will be having some changes in their roster come next NBA season, and Parsons might be the right piece that the LA Lakers would be needing to reach the playoffs.

There have been some reports that as the Kobe era would finally meet its end after a disappointing season, the face of the franchise is up for grabs.

The Lakers are on the look for someone who will be the next face of the franchise, Kevin Durant and LeBron James are both on their radar. However, moving either KD or LBJ to the Staples Center would be near to impossible. Thus, making Parsons a practical option for the team to develop.

Chandler Parsons could be the right player for the job. The agile 6’9 power forward with shooting ability can be Lakers’ centerpiece together with other relatively fresh players. A developing player like Parsons can play along with Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell, who do better in attacking the basket.

The current relationship of Parsons with his team could be a ticket for the Lakers to acquire his service. Though it is obvious that Mark Cuban is grooming this 27-year-old forward to replace Dirk Nowitzki as the future face of their franchise, alleged doubts from the coaching side might stifle the idea.

Tim MacMahon of ESPN cited the concern of Parsons’ camp regarding the disposition of Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle. Based on the report, Parsons and some associates are concerned whether Carlisle will give his blessing to Parsons as Mavs next franchise player, especially that occasional crunch-time benchings have been observed this season. And Parsons himself is also cognizant on Carlisle’s actions, thus expressing how he could turn things to his favour.

“I have the utmost confidence and respect for him,” Parsons told “I just hope it’s reciprocated and he feels the same way towards my game and how I can help this team win games. We have to somehow find a way to get on the same page if we’re both going to be here for a long time and he’s the coach and I’m a foundation piece.

“If I’m going to be a foundation piece and a centerpiece, we need to figure out how we can be on the same page and have the same belief and respect for one another. I just would hope my coach would have the same confidence and respect in my abilities that I do.”

And if such is the case, then Parsons and LA Lakers could be a perfect fit. With Parsons looking for some trust and a possible avenue to exercise his being a centrepiece, the Lakers could reciprocate such need while grooming him as their own foundation piece.

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