NBA Rumors: Lakers to get Paul George for D’Angelo Russell, 2016 lottery pick

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Paul George (Photo Courtesy: Chrishmt0423/Wikimedia)

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to make a big move this offseason as they are loaded with plenty of young assets and a potential first overall pick in this year’s NBA draft. According to the latest NBA rumors, the Lakers are targeting California native and Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George.

Basketball analyst Bill Simmons noted on his Twitter account that the Lakers are very interested in George and will make “big run” at him. He also mentioned that Los Angeles could offer their 2016 first-round pick and D’Angelo Russell for PG13.

However, there are no indications from Indiana that they are willing to trade George following his successful return to a broken leg this season. Simmons thinks that the Pacers will say no to the offer but could be persuaded if more players are involved.

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As mentioned in a previous report, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak is not interested in rebuilding the team as it would take more time. Kupchak is rumored to be planning on trading for an established NBA star like Paul George, DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmy Butler.

The Lakers have a 19.9 percent chance to land the first overall pick in this year’s draft and a 55.8 percent chance of landing a top-three selection. Colin Cowherd of FOX Sports mentioned on The Herd that the Lakers are willing to trade their first-round pick even if they land the first overall selection.

“I’ve now been told by two separate sources, even if the Lakers get the No. 1 pick they’re trading it. They don’t want to rebuild anymore. They want to get a star NBA player. They will call teams if they get the No. 1 pick and shop it around the league,” Cowherd said.

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If Kupchak can pull off a trade for George or any other stars this offseason, and make any of the NBA rumors true, the Lakers will be a very curious destination for big name free agents like Kevin Durant, Andre Drummond, DeMar DeRozan and Hassan Whiteside. A combination of two All-Star caliber players will immediately make the Lakers playoff contenders.

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