NBA Rumors: Lakers giving away D’Angelo Russell and 2016 draft pick for Jimmy Butler

Chicago Bulls Rumors and News: Jimmy Butler does little to clear up relationship with Derrick Rose Photo Courtesy: HoopXpress/ Youtube

Rumor and speculations were circulating about the possible trade between the Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler and the Los Angeles Lakers NBA draft pick.

Based on a previous report, Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said that they were open to the possibility of trading their first round pick for a quality player.

“If you get a top-three pick … not only does it get you the ability to take a player that is considered top-three in the world, you have the ability to move the pick,” Kupchak said via Basketball Insider.  “I think there are some quality players that can be starters or All-Stars in this league, [and] that goes beyond two players.”

Also, the Lakers were reportedly having enough salary cap to sign two maximum-salaried players which mean that if they will get Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls, they can still add another superstar to give a boost to their lineup.

After Chicago Bulls failed to enter the playoffs, they might be thinking about rebuilding their team by replacing the veteran players with fresh players who can be the new face of the Bulls. Big man Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah were also rumored to be playing for another franchise next season.

According to a report at Yibada, the possible trade between the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers will be engaging Jimmy Butler and Cameron Bairstow for the Bulls in exchange for D’Angelo Russell and the 2016 first-round pick for the Lakers, assuming that they will be landing in the top three picks in the NBA lottery on May 19.

Trading D’Angelo Russell might be a tough decision for the Lakers but with Jimmy Butler on the line, Lakers must consider the fact that it will be a fair trade for both teams and they might end up to be the one who will benefit more.

Jimmy Butler might not be the complete replacement for Kobe Bryant, but he had proven enough to be considered as one of the promising stars in the league.

Still, the Lakers have plenty of choices from the incoming free agent like Kevin Durant, DeMar DeRozan, Hassan Whiteside and other superstars, who were expected to be playing for another franchise next season.

The Los Angeles Lakers were now on their way in rebuilding the team that started after firing Byron Scott. For their next step, they must focus on signing the best coach and future superstars who will continue the teams’ legacy.

Photo courtesy: HoopXpress/Youtube

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