NBA Rumors: Lakers, Nets, Sixers projected to be the worst teams in the league next season

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Photo courtesy: Lakers logo/ Wikimedia commons

Despite adding a rookie who has star potential and changing a head coach, the Los Angeles Lakers are still projected to have the lowest win total for the 2016-2017 NBA Season, according to ESPN’s projections based on “real plus-minus.” Early NBA rumors and speculations had the Brooklyn Nets as the worst team in the league and according to the same projections; they will be among the worst teams along with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Like the Lakers, the Sixers are also adding a star rookie, but basing on ESPN’s projections, those stars, Ben Simmons in Philadelphia and Brandon Ingram in Los Angeles won’t help much in adding wins in the regular season.

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For the Nets, Brooklyn added free agent point guard Jeremy Lin as their starter plus other role players. Despite the acquisitions, the Nets will once again be among the lottery teams if the ESPN predictions hold true.

Here is the complete list of the teams’ rankings basing on real plus-minus stat and projected wins in the 2016-2017 NBA Season.

Western Conference
1. Golden State Warriors: 66.8
2. San Antonio Spurs: 54.5
3. Utah Jazz: 47.6
4. Los Clippers: 46.3
5. Houston Rockets: 45.8
6. Oklahoma City Thunder: 45.6
7. Portland Trail Blazers: 44.5
8. Denver Nuggets: 40.4
9. Memphis Grizzlies: 39.4
10. Sacramento Kings: 37.7
11. Minnesota Timberwolves: 37.1
12. New Orleans Pelicans: 37.0
13. Dallas Mavericks: 34.3
14. Phoenix Suns: 29.2
15. Los Angeles Lakers: 24.3

In the West, the Warriors are projected to win about 67 games, which means they won’t come near their NBA record of 73-9 despite adding Kevin Durant.

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The Spurs are still one of the top teams even with the retirement of Tim Duncan and the surprise team are the Jazz, which are projected to make the Top 3. Basing on the projections, the Clippers, Rockets, Thunder, Trail Blazers and Nuggets will make the playoffs.

Eastern Conference
1. Cleveland Cavaliers: 52.1
2. Boston Celtics: 49.8
3. Toronto Raptors: 48.8
4. Detroit Pistons: 47.5
5. Washington Wizards: 41.4
6. Charlotte Hornets: 41.0
7. Milwaukee Bucks: 40.9
8. Indiana Pacers: 38.9
9. Atlanta Hawks: 38.6
10. Miami Heat: 38.3
11. Chicago Bulls: 37.8
12. Orlando Magic: 36.2
13. New York Knicks: 34.7
14. New Jersey Nets: 28.8
15. Philadelphia 76ers: 24.5

In the East, the Cavaliers are projected to have 52 wins. Joining LeBron James’ team in the Top 8 are the Celtics, Raptors, Pistons, Wizards, Hornets, Bucks and Pacers.

From the projections basing on real plus-minus numbers, the Sixers will have the worst record in the league followed by the Lakers and Nets.

Photo courtesy: Lakers logo/ Wikimedia Commons

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