NBA Rumors: Lakers pursue Harrison Barnes, Warriors ready to meet any cost to re-sign him unless they get Kevin Durant

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Harrison Barnes (Photo Courtesy: Matthew Addie/Flickr )

Golden State Warriors’ forward Harrison Barnes will be a heavily pursued free agent this summer. The Los Angeles Lakers are pursuing Barnes, but Golden State is undeterred by any cost for re-signing their man in form.

Restricted Barnes is expected to draw $20 million per season offers in the free agency.

Rival GM’s are still hopeful about roping in Barnes.

“I think that all along that they were not going to let him go unless they fell down and didn’t win it all. It might just be that they’re trying to push down offers, but that’s the message,” said a rival GM recently.

Barnes is eyeing a $23 million max contract this offseason. The forward rejected a four-year, $64 million extension offer from the Warriors last season when he was extension eligible, as reported by the Real GM.

The Warriors are planning to keep their team together for the next season and retain Barnes unless they manage to sign Kevin Durant in free agency.

Barnes may look for a move to become a more featured player of another team next season. In that case the Warriors are likely to accommodate him if a sign-and-trade is possible.

Rumors have surfaced that Barnes could be traded to the Charlotte Hornets in a pair of sign and trade for Nicolas Batum.

“Because this ownership is willing to spend whatever it takes to build a championship here and be extremely competitive every year. That isn’t something I even think about, we will spend”, revealed a source of Warriors’ front office.

Photo Courtesy: Matthew Addie/Flickr

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