NBA Rumors: Lakers signing J.R. Smith, ready to waive Nick Young’s contract


Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the Los Angeles Lakers, who is reportedly pursuing Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith, who is currently a free agent.

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently undergoing a rebuilding process and this includes a huge adjustment in their roster. The Lakers made their first move in the recent NBA draft and free agency in filling up their needs to create a competitive roster next season.

The Lakers re-signed Jordan Clarkson to a four-year deal worth $50 million, who could possibly be their starting shooting guard next season. However, it is undeniable that Clarkson still needs to improve his shooting skills, especially in the three-point range to be more suitable for the role.

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Meanwhile, the 30-year-old shooting guard J.R. Smith is a free agent until now. Though everyone is expecting that the Cavaliers will re-sign him, there has been no specific details regarding how the negotiation is going on. There are speculations that J.R. Smith is demanding a salary worth $15 million, but the Cavaliers are still questionable to give such amount.

Timofey Mozgov and Matthew Delladova left the Cleveland Cavaliers after receiving a higher offer from other NBA teams. If the Cavaliers can’t give a decent offer to J.R. Smith, there will surely be several NBA teams who will be interested in acquiring him, including the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Eric Pincus of Basketball Insider revealed that the Lakers have ‘unnamed trade targets’ in mind. However, they are also eyeing for a Calderon-like deal, even targeting free agents who are currently available in the market.

“The team has held off on signing Tarik Black, Marcelo Huertas and second-overall pick Brandon Ingram, keeping an eye on what could be $13.6 million in cap room (assuming the team also waives and stretched Nick Young).”

“The Lakers do have an unnamed trade target in mind, but are also preserving space for another opportunistic Calderon-like deal.” Pincus wrote.

There were past rumors that the Lakers were forced to trade for Nick Young but no team had shown any interest. If the Lakers are serious in pursuing J.R. Smith, they might consider waiving the Young’s contract. Smith will definitely be a great addition to the Lakers roster.

The Lakes are desperately in need of an accurate shooter and Smith has proven that he is very suitable for the role. If the Cavaliers cannot give what Smith demands, there is a possibility that he will follow Mozgov and Dellavedova’s footsteps.

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