NBA Rumors: Lakers to trade Jordan Clarkson for Jamal Murray; Clarkson to leave Lakers

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LA Lakers
LA Lakers

The 2016 NBA Draft is loaded with young talents with great skills, and the top three teams in the draft will each get their chance to select the next star of the NBA. The Philadelphia 76ers has won the NBA lottery and will get the number one overall selection.

Lakers take the number two spot, but there is a very good chance that the Lakers may end up giving them the number two selection as well. This also means that the Lakers would be able to hold onto their pick instead of having to send it away, providing the Lakers a lot of leverage one way or another. An earlier report by LA Times said that the Lakers might end up trading away the second overall pick to help their roster with veteran player.

Overall, the decision is still on Sixers, they got the number one pick for the draft. Analysts expect Sixers to go with Ben Simmons, a freshman from LSU, but there is also the possibility that they could go with Duke guard Brandon Ingram as well. Either way, the Sixers get their choice and so will the Lakers.

But there some fresh rumors that has come up lately, and its about the Lakers. Reports said that the Lakers trade search has now been shifted to Jamal Murray, a University of Kentucky freshman.

With the Lakers’ number two pick in the NBA Draft, they could end up getting Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram. But there are still other options left on the table, and it’s much favorable. They can make a deal with the Philadelphia Sixers, where the Lakers could then set their sights on trading back up to take Kentucky freshman Jamal Murray.

Murray, who reportedly amazed the Lakers during his interview, has been considered as one of the top potentials in the 2016 NBA Draft picks. Reports said that the Lakers plan to pick the Kentucky freshman. Murray, who is known for his deadly three-point shooting, can shoot over 40 percent from behind the arc and averages 20 points per game for the Kentucky college team.

Unfortunately there is some sad news for the Lakers this week, the team are expecting Jordon Clarkson to step up his game. Lakers seems to have already solidified their plans of trading Clarkson for Jamal Murray, whose scoring and shooting skills are expected to bring the Lakers to the NBA action.

Acquiring the Kentucky freshman is not an easy job. It could come with a steep price, one that might force to trade away the team’s shooting guard Jordan Clarkson. Lakers hope that Clarkson would show more potential in the game, but the team is already at that stage where they are ready to part ways with him and bring in Jamal Murray on board.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Sixers will go with Ben Simmons and might send Brandon Ingram to LA Lakers and then Jamal Murray to the Boston Celtics.

Meanwhile, Lakers Nation has reported that the Lakers shooting guard would not get affected by the team’s trade plans. There are also some reports swirling that Clarkson might just remain in the roster to fortify the team’s shooting guard game along with D’Angelo Russell and Lou Williams.

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