NBA Rumors: Lakers trading D’Angelo Russell to Denver; 3-for-1 trade possible

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D’Angelo Russell (Photo Courtesy: @NBAcom/Twitter)

D’Angelo Russell has been linked with a lot of trade scenarios and speculations for the past several months. According to the latest NBA rumors, the Denver Nuggets acquiring Russell from the Lakers is possible via a three-for-one trade.

Nathan Bieghle of NuggLove suggested a deal involving the Nuggets and Lakers that is centered on Russell and big man Nikola Jokic. He opined that the Denver can trade Jokic, Gary Harris, Will Barton and a second round pick for Russell.

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It should be noted that this was just a suggestion as the Nuggets covet Jokic and they already have a point guard in Emmanuel Mudiay. They have a very young team, adding Jamal Murray in the recent draft and they are slowly finding its identity under head coach Michael Malone.

On the other hand, things are also going up for the Lakers as they recently drafted Brandon Ingram. They also have Russell, Julius Randle and presumably, Jordan Clarkson as the core four of the franchise. Even though Russell has some questions about his maturity, the Lakers have assured him that he will not be traded.

“No. When you hear trade talks and then you get a text from your GM talking about how he trusts your work ethic and don’t worry about this. You have nothing to worry about,” Russell told Lakers Nation after getting asked about the trade rumors.

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The Lakers also have a new head coach in Luke Walton, who is coming from a great Golden State Warriors staff. He has nothing but praise for Russell, who he called a “heck of a player” last year. He added that the 20-year-old is one of the best young talents in the NBA.

Photo Courtesy: @NBAcom/Twitter

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