NBA Rumors: Lakers signing Yi Jianlian paves the way for DeMarcus Cousins trade next season?

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DeMarcus Cousins leaving Kings in 2018?
If the Sacramento Kings think that DeMarcus Cousins is staying for a while, many analysts say then they are dead wrong. Rumors are swirling that Cousins will leave the Kings when he hits free agency by 2018.

The Los Angeles Lakers recently acquired Yi Jianlian from China to boost their lineup next season. But this signing potentially created another NBA rumors to surface in the league. This NBA rumors report is suggesting that the Lakers’ addition of Yi could be the last step for the team to get DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings.

In an article by Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders, Yi’s signing might be part of what the Lakers are planning to do in order to trade for Cousins next season. He suggested a trade that might happen on Dec. 15. This is because that is the date that Yi’s salary of $341,737 will be guaranteed by the team.

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Pincus added that in order to trade for DeMarcus, Los Angeles is required to send at least $11,957,900 in salary.

Eric also said that the Lakers sending the combined salaries of Julius Randle, Anthony Brown and Yi Jianlian to the Kings would fulfill Cousin’s salary for a trade to be executed.

Though Sacramento is not expected to trade DeMarcus before next season, they are still trying to find the best possible deal for the player. This is based on the report on CBS Sports about the NBA executives’ belief that Cousins might leave the Kings in 2018.

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Moreover, the Lakers will not be afraid to trade for DeMarcus even though they would lose three players in the process. The center would really help the team reach the playoffs if they could pull off this deal.

Cousins’ name has been involved in many NBA rumors report since this off-season started. This suggested trade could only happen if both teams would not have their desired start next season.

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