NBA Rumors: Larry Bird wants Nate McMillan as Pacers new head coach

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Larry Bird
Larry Bird

ESPN is reporting that Indiana Pacers are closing in on a deal that will make Nate McMillan as their new head coach. The former point guard is reported to be replacing Frank Vogel, who was surprisingly let go after the NBA playoffs ended. But the move has been as a big surprise to many NBA fans and insiders because McMillan is not fit to what team president Larry bird is really looking for.

Bird simply doesn’t like Vogel’s game strategy, which focuses more on defense and play traditional lineups instead of going small ball. Bird wanted the Pacers to play more on offense.

Game familiarity might be the single biggest reason why McMillan is being promoted to be the team’s head coach. McMillan could be a good fit and has a deep relationship with team president Larry Bird. McMillan also knows what kind of game Bird really wants to play at Pacers. In addition, Bird also feel more comfortable working with McMillan, Bird already knows what kind of employee McMillan is.

Another possible reason why McMillan is being pushed as the team’s next head coach is because of his deep relationship with general manager Kevin Pritchard. Both guys have worked together previously at Portland Trail Blazers. Pritchard might have convinced Larry Bird to hire McMillan instead of picking someone else in the industry.

Unfortunately for Bird and the Pacers, McMillan isn’t the type of guy that plays more on the offense, McMillan is the complete opposite of what Bird is really looking for. McMillan is more on traditional lineups, one that play defense and slow down the game.

Overall, McMillan is taking his third chance to be a head coach in the NBA. But the Pacers fans are not all that enthusiastic and supportive about the move because Pacers fear that McMillan might not be a good fit for the team. However, the only way fans are going to know is when the next season starts. That’s the time where fans and NBA insiders could see McMillan going for the coaching role or will be gone by the next season.

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