NBA Rumors: Larry Sanders return to NBA doubtful after bashing Bucks’ medical team

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Larry Sanders get interests from Cavs, Warriors?
Free agent Larry Sanders is making a buzz about reviving his NBA career as rumors are swirling the Cavs and the Warriors are seriously interested in signing him up.

Larry Sanders retired from the NBA but he has some harsh words for the only team he played with in the league. In a recent interview, the big man accused the Milwaukee Bucks of not taking care of him when he suffered a concussion after a game in 2014.

According to reports, Sanders had fractured his orbital bone in a February 2014 game against the Houston Rockets. Now, Sanders is claiming that the Bucks did not test him for any concussions that time.

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Larry Sanders has plans of returning to the league with many NBA teams reportedly interested in bringing him in. The squads mentioned in trade NBA rumors are the Brooklyn Nets, Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

“They kind of let me go to sleep on the training table and sent me home and didn’t really think anything was wrong. And then, the next day, I find out I blew out the orbital in my face,” Sanders said in an interview with

“That kind of went into the box of why I had to get out of here, just for your health. I didn’t really feel safe with them—the league or Milwaukee—after that point.”

According to the report, which could lead to the rumors and speculations that Milwaukee’s medical team does not take care of their players, Sanders played tentatively after that incident saying that he was worried that the team won’t test him again if a similar injury happened.

Despite the statement where he seemingly destroyed the Bucks’ medical team, Sanders remain an interesting prospect for any NBA team. He is a big man that can play defense inside the paint and block shots. Sanders’ value is high around the league and that’s why NBA rumors have linked him to teams like the Nets, Warriors and Cavaliers.

ALSO READ: Larry Sanders gets interest from Cavs, Warriors?

With the reports that Larry Sanders has bashed the Bucks’ medical team, will other NBA squads avoid the big man now? Are teams scared of the big man’s attitude problem and lack of commitment to basketball?

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