NBA Rumors: LeBron decides to retire; What LeBron James wife means to the champ; comparisons to Ben Simmons

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LeBron James
Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/Flickr, LeBron James, Mo Williams retires, J.R. Smith misses training camp

The Cavaliers small forward LeBron James may only still be 31 years old, but what he’s already done and achieved in the NBA is the stuff of legends.

During his first year in Cleveland, he became the third player in NBA history to average 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists per game in his rookie year. He was only eighteen years old.

That was just the doorstep of LeBron James being a household name as a 3x NBA champion and being named 4x as the NBA’s MVP.

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How the Cavaliers were able to beat the Golden State Warriors comes from behind against superb athletes like Stephen Curry and a support team that consists of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green speaks of LeBron’s leadership.

In spite having competed in the league for more than a decade LeBron James still believes he’s still improving, and that’s scary. But for how long will he stay in the league considering his wear and tear?

NBA rumors circulate that James may be retiring soon. Will there be another athlete like him?

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Shaquille O’Neal has made comparisons of him to Ben Simmons of the Sixers.

According to Bleacher Report Shaq said, “He’s a LeBron-type player. What I mean by that, LeBron does a nice job of making everybody else around him better—passing the ball, doing the small things—and Ben is that type of player.”

Just to be compared at that level says enough about Ben Simmons and his potential to flourish in the league.

Ben Simmons is known for his high basketball IQ and passing ability, which is a window to his leadership and how he’d lift his team to new heights.

It turns out that LeBron James wife means the world to him that he’d quit his career if his queen asked him to. However, that’s not going to happen just yet. Cheer up!

LeBron James wife Savannah would love to spend every minute of the day with his king, and it showed as the couple recently celebrated their third anniversary.

An insider to the report by Hollywood Life said, “He’d be willing to get out of his contract and give up his NBA career once and for all so that he could spend every second of his life with her.”

“It was the most touching comment he’s ever made, one that made her heart skip a few beats. As nice as it sounded, she couldn’t let him give that up. She knows that’s his second love next to her and she would never let him give that up for her. Those two, they’re so much in love.”

Now we can stop holding our breaths.

Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/Flickr

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