NBA Rumors: LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony unite as Nets in 2018; Jeremy Lin trade

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NBA rumors: LeBron James
LeBron James unite with Carmelo Anthony; NBA rumors, Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lin trade, Linsanity

The NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers are past the celebratory days and well into preparations to defend their title. With LeBron James re-signed with the team, most analysts feel they are already more than half way close to their goal.

But the challenges are expected to be much tougher this season with their rivals Golden State Warriors upgrading their roster with Kevin Durant tying up with Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson.

However, as long as LeBron James stays healthy the outlook of the Cavs should look good. But hopefully they’ll get to sign J.R. Smith back to the team, too, and have players like Iman Shumpert improving as a two-way player.

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According to a report by SB Nation the best way to keep LeBron James healthy is to let him play his minutes wisely.

“LeBron has played more than 46,000 NBA minutes (regular season and playoffs combined). He’s actually already in the top 50 all-time in regular season minutes played, at age 31. As we saw in June, he remains in peak physical condition.”

“But you probably want to baby him more than usual during the regular season, just to prolong his career and get more in the reserve for the playoffs.” (Especially since he might have to guard Kevin Durant in the finals.) Tom Ziller said.

But what remains for LeBron James future after he becomes a free agent? NBA rumors take a peak.

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LeBron James signed a three-year deal with a player option after the second year. Interestingly enough, this is about the same time his friends Carmelo Anthony (2019), Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul (2018) become free agents too.

NBA rumors have been circulating that James would one day want to partner with his friends once again.

NBA rumors conject that Carmelo Anthony might reunite with LeBron James in Brooklyn where Jeremy Lin is now set to rejuvenate his Linsanity days.

What happens with Jeremy Lin?

NBA rumors circulate that to accommodate James, first, they’d have to facilitate a Jeremy Lin trade.

According to a report by King James Gospel the Nets have the most guaranteed money to spend out of any team, and therefore, it lessens the amount of money LeBron James has to sacrifice for a pay cut to get Carmelo Anthony or one of his “super friends” in.

The Nets don’t have a superstar figure of such magnitude at this point, and looks to Jeremy Lin to pick up his game and leadership. A Jeremy Lin trade scenario would be coupled with Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to make this happen.

The Nets can build players around this tandem, but it would need more talent to give it a serious chance to make it big in the post-season.

Still, assuming that a Jeremy Lin trade shall be made, NBA rumors believe this is not likely to materialize, not for financial concerns, but it’s just that it’s doubtful LeBron James would want to end his career with the Brooklyn Nets.

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