NBA Rumors: LeBron James, Cavs cursed by Donald Trump’s RNC? Will they win the title next season?

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LeBron James celebrating with Cavaliers fans after winning the 2016 NBA championship (Photo Courtesy: Carlos Javier/Flickr)

The Cleveland Cavaliers ended the city’s 52-year title drought by winning their first NBA championship in franchise history. However, the latest NBA rumors imply that some players think that Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention held at the Quicken Loans Arena has cursed LeBron James and the Cavaliers.

According to Hollywood Life, King James has been getting a lot of phone calls from fellow NBA players and people regarding Trump’s RNC. The fear is that the Republican candidate for President has overtaken the positive energy inside the Cavs’ home court.

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LeBron James is one superstitious player and he would be looking to counter whatever curse Donald Trump has given him and his team. It should be noted that James is rumored to be responsible for Justin Bieber turning down a $5 million offer to perform at the RNC.

“Some of his friends told him that Trump is bad mojo, and has sucked all the good energy and fight out of Quicken Loans. LeBron is superstitious and plans to burn sage everywhere in the arena before training begins if he stays,” the report said.

The NBA rumors about James being superstitious are not surprising. It is because athletes tend to have their own beliefs and rituals on how to prepare for a very long season. Also, Cleveland sports fans believed that they were cursed for 52 years as their teams fail to win a championship every time.

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Nevertheless, curses are part of the sporting world even if you don’t believe in them. Rapper Lil B just lifted his curse on Kevin Durant after he signed with the Golden State Warriors. According to FanSided, the Cavaliers are just behind the Warriors as the favorites to win the NBA championship next season.

Photo Courtesy: Carlos Javier/Flickr

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