NBA Rumors: LeBron James MVP reclaim vs Stephen Curry, ready to defend title vs Warriors and Kevin Durant

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NBA rumors, LeBron James MVP vs Stephen Curry
NBA rumors, LeBron James reclaims MVP vs Stephen Curry, Warriors and Kevin Durant,

With J.R. Smith finally re-signing with the Cavs, LeBron James has finally got what he wanted, and heavily vouched for. Smith is a player he respects and understands as a necessary piece in clinching another NBA title.

With their core group intact, NBA rumors and fans alike still seem to heavily favor the Warriors and Kevin Durant to win the major title this year. The Cavs have made adjustments themselves, but will it be enough to contain Stephen Curry, Warriors and Kevin Durant?

The Cavs are the champions now. And just to be able to say that take away a lot of pressure off their backs. NBA rumors say this could mean a better performance this season when they’re more relaxed and confident.

“It’s a process for us. We just want to implement our system, try to get better every day. No matter who’s in the lineup during the preseason, we want to play Cavaliers basketball, and so far that’s what we’ve been doing.” LeBron James said in a report by

The Cavs are one of the oldest teams in the NBA, but their knowledge and experience have become priceless after winning the championship.

Speaking of age, LeBron James is expected to evolve into a complete player. He’ll be improving more as an all-around perimeter star, perhaps more similar to other NBA greats like Michael Jordan- the ghost he’s been chasing relentlessly.

The best thing about LeBron James is his physicality. At this stage, he can still play as a wing scorer, but many see him playing off the ball now, probably more on the low post, and spotting up from the outside, and contribute more to the boards.

Will this approach make it harder for Stephen Curry, the Warriors and Kevin Durant to beat them? NBA rumors speculate.

According to a report by ESPN, LeBron James is likely to reclaim his MVP title from Stephen Curry too, as not only will Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry vie for the same title and deplete the team of votes, the same could be said of potential candidates and teammates Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

And if the Cavs will continue with their winning form, it’ll be unlikely that the MVP trophy would be handed down to a player from a losing team, so we could more likely forget about Paul George, Kyle Lowry, and others.

LeBron James will most likely be well rested in the regular season, which will make him fresh for the playoff grind. He’ll be tougher to defend with more dimensions to his game. Meanwhile, much needs to be seen from a Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant tandem.

“He’s going to post crazy numbers, orchestrate Cleveland’s offense for long stretches and get (deserved) recognition for being an all-encompassing force stabilizing an otherwise volatile franchise. He cares about the MVP, and if he’s healthy, I bet he’ll play in enough games — about 70 — to present a strong dossier.” Zach Lowe said.

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