NBA Rumors: LeBron James to retire in his late 30s

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LeBron James (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia)

LeBron James is in the middle of his quest for a sixth straight NBA Finals appearance and the elusive first championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, NBA rumors about James’ retirement popped out when he was asked during an interview on Thursday.

The league changed forever when Kobe Bryant retired at the end of the regular season and Tim Duncan will likely follow suit after the San Antonio Spurs’ elimination at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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In an interview with ESPN, the 31-year-old James was asked about how many years he has left before announcing his retirement. The two-time NBA champion replied by saying that his family will decide it for him.

“I think later on in my 30s. It’s kind of up to my kids, really. I’ve missed so much of my kids’ tournaments and things of that nature when I’m playing. So, it’s kind of up to them. They’ll let me know when they’re tired of seeing me go away,” James said.

The Cavs superstar has two sons with his wife Savannah, 11-year-old LeBron Jr. and eight-year-old Bryce. The couple also has a daughter named Zhuri, who is just one and a half years old.

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Nonetheless, James noted veterans like Andre Miller, Tim Duncan, Richard Jefferson and his former Miami Heat teammate Ray Allen as examples of players that take care of their bodies. He said that with the help of science and research, he could play late into his 30s despite playing more games than anybody else in the past six years.

“I think with the science and the research and the ability to have multiple trainers and things of that nature and also guys taking the individual account of their own bodies, guys are able to play into their late 30s and some into their 40s, as you’re seeing today,” James said.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia

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