NBA Rumors: LeBron James takes NBA Finals 2016 MVP Award to his head; set to miss Rio Olympics 2016?

NBA Rumor about LeBron James
NBA rumor about LeBron James’ decline to play and represent USA in the coming Rio Olympics 2016 remains a mystery. Is it because of his 3rd MVP NBA award?

NBA rumors involving LeBron James’ missing the upcoming Rio Olympics 2016 seems unstoppable. He seems overwhelmed from his recent win at the NBA Finals 2016 and also being named this year’s MVP.

Winning the prestigious award from the league might leave Cleaveland Cavaliers power forward cocky.

Though many of the NBA fans like James’ winning MVP for the third time and feel proud about it, some think this will also be the reason why he can’t decide whether to join Rio Olympics 2016 or not.

Unlike other NBA players like Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook and Houston Rocket’s James Harden, who clearly mentioned their reasons for not playing in the coming Rio Olympics 2016, LeBron James haven’t said something official yet.

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Stephen Curry cited that he wants to rest his injured knee and ankle, especially after the intensive NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. So, he won’t represent USA this time. Other players noted the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil as the reason for not joining the tournament.

Nonetheless, James Harden delivered his best wishes for the other players who will represent his nation at the upcoming Rio Olympics 2016.

“I have been extremely blessed to wear the ‘red, white, and blue’ and to compete at the highest international level with the greatest players representing the greatest country in the world,” Harden said.

Harden also added that he sincerely hopes of earning an opportunity to represent Team USA again in the future.

However, LeBron James seems to remain silent. The 31-year-old is yet to give a valid explanation behind him not attending this year’s Olympics, thus raising several NBA Rumors regarding the same.

Recently, Chris Hynes of shared via Twitter saying, “LeBron James tells me he’s leaning towards not participating in Rio Olympics this summer. ‘That’s what I’m thinking right now.'”

Fans’ response are overwhelming regarding the issue. They understand LeBron James’ need to rest after the NBA Finals 2016 this week.

“He needs to rest for about a month this summer then start shooting 500 jumpers a day.” one of them said. The rest noted the same thing.

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LeBron James won the NBA’s MVP Award for this year but it doesn’t mean he’s  being cocky with it. Perhaps, the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward simply needs to rest and spend time with his family.

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