NBA Rumors: Linsanity days over, injury makes Jeremy Lin change style? Why Rudy Gay tandem will work

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Photo courtesy: Twitter/@JLin7

The Nets acquired Jeremy Lin in the hope of carrying over his Linsanity days from the Knicks to Brooklyn.

Or did they?

Jeremy Lin has been struggling to regain his top caliber performance since he left the New York Knicks.

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He had a dismal performance with the Houston Rockets, where James Harden supplanted him for major roles. He struggled under Byron Scott and the Lakers, and the Knicks were no longer interested in taking him back afterward.

Jeremy Lin has been very inconsistent not only because he finds the Linsanity label burdensome, but also ‘cause nagging injuries for some time now have bothered him.

SB Nation reported Lin is working hard on his jump shot this summer.

“I’ve changed my form, brought my release lower and made the motion smoother in hopes of making it more consistent, creating a quicker release and using less energy so on nights when I’m tired I can still shoot it well.” Jeremy Lin said.

“I’ve also been working on my floaters and change of pace game because as I get older, I will rely less and less on my athleticism.”

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There may be a strong possibility that his lingering knee and back injuries have prompted him to change his style at such an advanced stage of his career.

He may have surpassed Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook in the polls as the league’s best point guard, but, like it or not, the Linsanity days may have been long over.

Nevertheless, the Nets expect more of Lin to come in with a leadership role as a veteran of the team. And with Lin has more of that, and a pass-first attitude, it could bode well if the rumors are true that Rudy Gay might be playing alongside him soon.

According to Yibada, there’s a possibility Rudy Gay may still land in Brooklyn via a 3-way deal with the Timberwolves, with the latter receiving Bojan Bogdanovic, and the Kings get Ricky Rubio.

Rudy Gay averaged 17.2 points and 6.5 rebounds for the Kings last season, and could add more offensive power to a struggling Nets team.

Rudy Gay had chemistry issues playing with Rajon Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins, and perhaps a Jeremy Lin playing style as a point guard is something he can benefit from substantially.

“From the Nets perspective, going after Gay is a no-brainer. While age is concerned with Rudy Gay, as he is approaching the age of 30, he’s still playing solid basketball.” Tyler Dencker wrote, as reported by Fansided.

“Again, the most important thing is that Rudy Gay would certainly provide the talent that the Nets are lacking.”

Are the Linsanity days really over? Is Jeremy Lin only more of a marketing ploy to attract more fans to the Brooklyn Nets? Or will Lin find his formidable form once again to match Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook next season, as the polls seem to suggest?

Photo courtesy: Twitter/@JLin7

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