NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers reveal their offseason plan for Blake Griffin and Jamal Crawford

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the Los Angeles Clippers regarding their offseason plan for Blake Griffin and Jamal Crawford. Griffin has been part of various trade rumors while Crawford will become a free agent on July 1.

The Los Angeles Clippers are currently one of the best teams in the NBA. They finished in the 4th spot in the Western Conference and managed to enter the playoffs. However, the Clippers were easily eliminated by the Portland Trail Blazers in round 1 after Blake Griffin and Chris Paul suffered an injury.

After the Clippers were eliminated, there were several questions surrounding the team. One of these is about their decision to keep their big three, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. There were several rumors saying that Blake Griffin will be traded in order to build a more competitive team next season and sign other players that can help the Clippers reach a higher level next season.

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Jeff Green and Jamal Crawford are set to become a free agent on July 1. The Clippers can sign both Green and Crawford using bird rights in which the team can exceed the cap. The Clippers are obviously in need of bench players who can be a great substitute to their starters.

Also, the Clippers are in need of an athletic wing. Since they will be exceeding the salary cap, Bobby Marks of the Vertical suggested that they should sacrifice one of their big three.

However, Clippers coach Doc Rivers insisted that he has no plan in breaking their prized assets.

“I don’t worry about the corner thing, ever. I’m always gonna do what’s good for the team. You don’t ever do anything but that. But I feel like the best thing for the team right now is to keep them together. Can that change? Of course, it can change. But I don’t think it will.” Coach Doc Rivers said via ESPN.

Incoming free agent Jamal Crawford is one of the most intriguing prospects in this year’s free agency. Despite his age, the 36-year-old guard made an NBA history by becoming the three-time winner of the league’s Sixth Man of the Year award. Once free agency hits, there will surely be lots of teams who are lining up in order to sign him for their team.

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However, according to Basketball Insider, Jamal Crawford stated that he plans to re-sign with the Clippers.

“We discussed it a little bit. He just said, ‘We want to bring you back and that’s part of the plan, for sure.’ I think I’m one of the priorities and he said that they want to bring me back to L.A. I thought the exit meeting went really well and he definitely made it clear that he wants me to re-sign.” Crawford said when asked about Doc Rivers’ plan on him in free agency.

Many things are expected to happen with a few weeks left before the 2016 NBA free agency. In the case of Blake Griffin, the Clippers may consider trading him if an NBA team make a seductive offer. On the other hand, Jamal Crawford has until July 1 to decide and there will surely be a team that would offer him a higher salary and a starting role.

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