NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers consider signing Barnes and Ezeli if failed to get Kevin Durant in free agency

Phil Jackson with the Lakers (Photo courtesy: Bridget Samuels/Wikimedia Commons)

Rumors and speculations are swirling with the Golden State Warriors incoming free agents forward Harrison Barnes and center Festus Ezeli who are reportedly caught the attention of Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are now starting to rebuild their team after making their first move by firing Byron Scott recently. They are now in search for a new head coach and in signing future franchise players for the team.

The Lakers’ top prospect Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant seemed to be in a great competition among the other teams who were also in search in the free agent market so the Lakers might consider other options.

According to a report from Sporting News, the Lakers will be pursuing Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli if the Golden State Warriors would choose to acquire Kevin Durant in free agency. There were passed rumors spreading that Durant would prefer a team that had made the huge impact in the league recently than teams who were still in the rebuilding process.

If Luke Walton will be hired as the next Lakers head coach, it will be an advantage if the Lakers will acquire Barnes and Ezeli since Walton had already the experience in handling them when Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was out early in the season due to injury.

Also, hiring Walton can lead to more chances of luring the two Warriors’ incoming free agent since they were already connected to each other. If the rumors about Warriors intention to hire Durant in free agency becomes a reality, then it would be an advantage for the Lakers since they would be having an extra salary cap to sign another superstar for their team.

But still, it is the Los Angeles Lakers top priority to hire Kevin Durant since he is undeniably a big asset for any team who would sign him in free agency. Also, the Lakers should make intense screening in choosing the right coach for the team.

Photo courtesy: Bridget Sammuels/Wikimedia

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