NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers reveal their off-season plan including the 2016 NBA draft pick

Phil Jackson with the Lakers (Photo courtesy: Bridget Samuels/Wikimedia Commons)

NBA rumors are now swirling the Los Angeles Lakers about their plan for their 2016 NBA draft pick if they will be keeping their top pick or trading him for a veteran player.

The 2016 NBA lottery gives hope for the Los Angeles Lakers after landing at the second overall in the 2016 NBA draft. With top pick Duke’s Brandon Ingram and LSU’s Ben Simmons, the Lakers will soon acquire a future NBA superstar for their team.

According to Lakers Nation, Ben Simmons has been the top favorite on the number one overall pick based on different NBA mock drafts. The Philadelphia 76ers will be the landing spot of Simmons. However, if the predictions are different, the 76ers might grab Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons by the Lakers.

If this happens, there is a higher possibility that the Lakers will keep Simmons and not trade him. As many would say that, Simmons has similarity with Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant and the Lakers believe that he has a star potential.

According to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak admitted that there has been no definite plan yet regarding their future draft pick.

Despite having the second overall pick, the Lakers fans are worrying about the unexpected decision that the team management will be making in the 2016 NBA draft. In the last NBA draft, many were disappointed with the Lakers decision of picking D’Angelo Russell over Jahlil Okafor. Most sports analysts predicted that Okafor will be the second overall. Unfortunately, the Lakers chose Russell, who placed ninth in the 2016 NBA rookie of the year.

However, if the predictions go as most people are thinking, the Lakers will be having many options in the upcoming off-season. If they pick Ben Simmons and keep him, they still have enough salary cap to sign two maximum-salaried superstars. They can pass on getting Kevin Durant since they already have a player with same star quality. If the 76ers get Simmons, it is still a win-win situation for the Lakers since Brandon Ingram is a better shooter and defender, which is one of the missing pieces on the Lakers roster.

Still, the Los Angeles Lakers opt to trade their top pick and there will surely be a team that is willing to trade a veteran player. Among the top targets of the Lakers are Paul George, Jimmy Butler and DeMarcus Cousins.

Photo courtesy: Brideget Sammuels/Wikimedia Commons

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