NBA Rumors: Should the Los Angeles Lakers wait for summer of 2017 if failed to get free agent targets?

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The Los Angeles Lakers will be facing a tough decision in the upcoming free agency on July 1. Their top free agent targets Kevin Durant and DeMar DeRozan will most likely re-sign with their current teams and the Lakers might end up empty-handed again. Should the Lakers wait for summer of 2017?

The Los Angeles Lakers will be having enough salary cap to sign two maximum-salaried players. Obviously, money is not enough to lure a superstar free agent for their team. If either Kevin Durant or DeMar DeRozan decided to leave their current team, they will surely choose a title contender team than a team whom currently undergoing a rebuilding process.

The Lakers have promising young cores. D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson for the guard positions. Larry Nance Jr. and Julius Randle for the forward position and the possible addition of Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram. Since Roy Hibbert is expected to leave, the Lakers might end up having Robert Sacre at the center position and everyone knows that he is not enough to be a starter.

While the chance of getting a superstar free agent is low, there is no word as impossible. In the perfect scenario, the Lakers may end up having Kevin Durant and LeBron James to play for them next season. However, it seems like a ‘ punch to the moon’ to have both superstars in one team.

Here is the suggestion of Trevor Lane of Lakers Nation:

“Sometimes, the best move is the one that you don’t make. It may not fit with Jim Buss’ infamous deadline, but if they strike out again in free agency this summer, the Lakers will have an opportunity to spend next year after spending the 2016-2017 season proving the quality of their young players. If all goes well, they then head into the summer of 2017 (when the cap goes up again) with all the space and momentum they need to make an enormous move.”

Trevor Lane also sighted the importance of using cap space creatively to acquire potential players. The perfect example was when the Los Angeles Lakers absorbed Jeremy Lin’s contract from the Houston Rockets two seasons ago. The Rockets thought that they could land Chris Bosh so they free cap space. However, Bosh didn’t sign to them and the Lakers got Larry Nance Jr.

The Los Angeles Lakers should make a smarter move if they want to successfully build a title contender team in the future. With a talented coach like Luke Walton, the Lakers future is in good hands. If they really want to pursue superstar free agents this summer, then they should start making their own moves to make them sign for the Lakers. However, the Lakers should also focus on improving the players that they currently have.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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