NBA Rumors: Miami Heat getting serious in signing Al Horford

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Al Horford
Al Horford

It’s the buzz of the NBA, Al Horford is set to hit open free agency this offseason. There are few teams in the NBA that are already showing interest in signing Al Horford to their roster this summer, and one of these teams is the Miami Heat. Horford could be an excellent fit for the struggling Miami Heat. He is a premier defensive center and has this “tremendous offensive skills”. Horford’s versatility allow him to play with anyone on the court, he could also easily start at power forward or center.

Reports said that Miami Heat is now on the move to sign Horford this season. Adding a player like Horford to the Miami lineup would make them a promising team and serious contender in the Eastern Conference Division.

Hassan Whiteside is another player that will hit the free agency market, which has been a key driver for Miami to sign Horford. Pairing Horford with another key player like Whiteside would be a game-changer for Miami. Horford averaged 15.2 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.5 blocks per game in his last season with the Atlanta Hawks. The 29-year-old Horford could be a viable target for the Miami to sign to a three or four-year contract.

The Miami Heat are a team that promises great potential and a lot of people in the basketball circle expect it to improve in near future. With a nicely mixed of good players, Dwayne Wade, Hassan Whiteside and etc., people could see them being a playoff team by next year. But the Miami Heat has one big problem, Miami is missing big help from their older players. Dwayne Wade has dealt with his injuries throughout the last few years while Chris Bosch still on recovering status after a blood clot issue this year. Bosh is reportedly doing great and the team hopes for his return next season but his return still a far from a sure thing.

Miami lost to the newly-charged Toronto Raptors in Game 7 of the second-round NBA playoffs series. It was a disappointing game for the Miami, but with Horford, that would have not happened. Putting Horford in the Miami’s star-studded lineup which includes Dwayne wade, Goran Dragic, Hassan Whiteside and another missing piece would be extremely dangerous. The addition of LeBron James, which has been rumored to return to Miami Heat next season, could make Miami even more dangerous in the court.

But there are plenty of competitions for Horford, possible suitors outside the Miami Heat. There are a few teams that stand out, Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Lakers, Indiana Pacers and Boston Celtics have reportedly shown interest in signing Horford, but no one comes close to Miami.

Overall, there is no question that the Heat will go after Horford if Whiteside leaves in free agency. And if the Heat doesn’t re-sign Whiteside, the team will need to get creative to bring Horford on board. Miami would be very desperate to get Horford’s service, as Horford could take them to the next level.

Expect to hear a lot of rumors and speculations surrounding the Miami Heat this coming season. Horford will definitely be the subject of endless talks and speculations throughout the offseason, along with the parties will likely have their names linked.

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