NBA Rumors: Monta Ellis, Paul George Celtics trade to pair with Al Horford

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Paul George Celtics trade
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The Indiana Pacers small forward Paul George had a great start last season, but his efforts seem to wear out down the stretch. However, NBA rumors say this season looks bright as manifested at the onset of the preseason.

It’s hard to tell how much exactly will the Pacers move forward without Frank Vogel, but analysts feel the Pacers’ success last season is not solely to his credit, but could very well be due its structure, and management itself.

Will Frank Vogel’s absence affect Paul George performance, as both are known to be close friends? NBA rumors speculate.

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The Pacers may not be as flashy and popular as the Cavs or the Warriors, but they’ve always managed to come out and impress. They’ve managed to make adjustments this season, but the loss of George Hill, Mahinmi, and Frank Vogel mean they’ve sacrificed much on defense.

Paul George remains their stable scorer, being considered a top 15 player in the league, and he’s positioned himself for a good season, but NBA rumors start to float, considering he may or may not sign an extension next summer.

However unlikely, latest NBA rumors involve Paul George Celtics trade along with Monta Ellis.

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This scenario puts both Paul George and Monta Ellis in a Celtics trade for 6 players: Jaylen Brown, James Young, Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson and a pair of future first-rounders. A line up of George, Monta Ellis (2nd unit) and Al Horford looks intriguing.

Al Horford is a great acquisition from the Hawks and Celtics trade, and will likely be moved to PF in lieu of Amir Johnson’s trade.

According to a report by Yibada, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer said of the Paul George Celtics trade, “Indiana could be on the cusp of a total rebuild if things don’t go according to plan, making George a tradable star. It’s not a scenario the Pacers want to contemplate, but other teams are keeping tabs.”

Chemistry seems to look good for a Paul George and Al Horford tandem, with their styles complementing each other’s game. But will Larry Bird even consider trading the team’s best player?

Apart from that, the Pacers seem better positioned now than last season, and it’s not likely that the team will turn out so badly that would warrant a major overhaul. Even then, it doesn’t seem likely that it’d involve a Paul George Celtics trade, or any notion involving keeping him out of the Hoosier state. Why, he’s a dark horse MVP candidate!

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