NBA Rumors: Nerlens Noel to Cleveland; Cavaliers willing to trade Kevin Love for a quality rim protector

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Nerlens Noel
Nerlens Noel

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Philadelphia 76ers who are reportedly having trade talks involving Kevin Love and Nerlens Noel.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have successfully grabbed their first NBA championship title after defeating the Golden State Warriors in the recent NBA Finals. With the hope of an early revenge, the Warriors made a major upgrade in their roster by adding Kevin Durant.

After Durant made the decision to play in Golden State, many people are waiting for the Cavaliers’ response. Various names of some NBA superstars were mentioned in trade rumors involving the Cavaliers. The offer? Kevin Love.

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Though the Cavaliers won against the Warriors, the weakness of Kevin Love was very noticeable in every crucial game- defense. Luckily, the Cavaliers managed to adjust and used Richard Jefferson over Love.

If the Warriors will be using the Curry-Thompson-Durant-Iguodala-Green lineup next season, the Cavaliers will surely be in big problem, especially on the defensive end. Therefore, adding a high-caliber rim protector could be an option this summer.

As of now, the Cavaliers have Tristan Thompson and Chris Andersen for the center position. Backup center Timofey Mozgov decided to leave the team after receiving a higher offer from the Los Angeles Lakers. Thompson is only 6-foot-9 and his ability to reject shots is not that superior.

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Nerlens Noel has been involved in different trade rumors this offseason, including with the Cleveland Cavaliers. So far, Noel is one of the available centers in the market who could answer the Cavs’ problem.

The arrival of Joel Embiid in the Philadelphia 76ers created a logjam at the center position. There were rumors that the Sixers will prefer to move Nerlens Noel than Jahlil Okafor. The Sixers are composed of young players and the presence of a veteran will be greatly appreciated.

Bret Stuter of Sixer Sense suggested a trade deal that will involve Kevin Love and Nerlens Noel. The Sixers are currently under the cap so absorbing Love’s salary will not be a problem. They could send two other trade assets in order for the deal to be successful.

The acquisition of Noel will give the Cavaliers the high-caliber rim protector they needed to improve their roster. Also, releasing an expensive player like Love will give them the chance to give free agent J.R. Smith the salary he demands.

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