NBA Rumors: Nerlens Noel trade to Raptors in spite of injury, future with Jonas Valanciunas, Jared Sullinger

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NBA rumors on Nerlens Noel trade
Nerlens Noel trade, NBA rumors, Jonas Valanciunas, Jared Sullinger

The Sixers are, as expected, off to a very poor start in the NBA’s regular season. They have a versatile forward in Ben Simmons, but can’t take advantage of his services due to injury, and Nerlens Noel is just another talent that’s considered a redundant piece to their lineup.

NBA rumors have been swirling around the Sixers’ need for a Nerlens Noel trade, moving one of their big men, or even both Noel and Jahlil Okafor, now that Joel Embiid is back.

A logjam leaves their offense stilted, and that’s why putting Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor on the court at the same time doesn’t make sense. The reason why they’re still on the same team is because everyone knows the Sixers need to trade them.

NBA rumors now visit the possibility of a Nerlens Noel trade to the Raptors.

Due to the injury of Jonas Valanciunas, Toronto seems to be looking for a replacement for him to back up their defense. According to a report by RaptorsRapture Jonas Valanciunas isn’t expected to be back for some time, while power forward/center Jared Sullinger will need to heal his foot injury up until the New Year.

Needless to say, NBA rumors are strife on the Raptor’s need for rim protection and overall defense.

A young and talented front court composed of Nerlens Noel, Jared Sullinger, and Jonas Valanciunas in the making? That seems to be the case.

But according to a report by ESPN Toronto won’t be in a rush to trade for Noel, as it will first attempt to fill the void of Sullinger’s injury with rookies Jakob Poeltl and Pascal Siakam.

A Nerlens Noel trade still seems possible in spite of his minor injury to his left knee late in October, and that’s because Jonas Valanciunas ‘ injury is turning out to be chronic.

Another reason why the Raptors should go for a Nerlens Noel trade is because they can have his defensive talents (with a bit of offense too) for a cheap rate, for having just signed a rookie extension for $4.38 million this season, and $5.84 next.

His presence along with Jared Sullinger and Jonas Valanciunas could definitely work in Toronto, unlike with the Sixers where he’s fading fast behind the scenes. NBA rumors abound.

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