NBA Rumors: What next for Dwight Howard? Six potential free agency destinations for Howard this offseason

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Dwight Howard is getting too hot. He is set to hit the open NBA free agency market this offseason. Rumors of Howard being unhappy with the Houston Rockets, conflict with teammates, and with Houston possibly trading him away, continue to rise.

According to the Houston Chronicle, there had been some conflict between Howard and the newly installed Houston head coach Mike D’Antoni when they were still in the Los Angeles Lakers, and now that D’Antoni is coming on board, it is time for Howard to leave the Rockets for good.

During his 2015-2016 season with the Houston Rockets, the 30-year-old center has averaged 13.7 points, 11.8 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game and has made 62.0 percent from the field.

Looking ahead it’s easy to list potential destination for Howard this offseason, as these teams have been rumored and linked to Howard before.

New York Knicks
The Knicks top on our lists today. ESPN has mentioned earlier that the Knicks are chasing top free agents this offseason but are also ready to chase other, which may include Howard.

Reports said that Knicks have just around $18 million to spend during the offseason, which may not be enough to acquire the key players like Durant or Al Horford. Dwight Howard could be the name they’re looking for.

The Knicks may have Robin Lopez doing a great job as a center but with Howard able to play both offense and defense, Howard may instantly help the Knicks to build a much stronger team.

Dallas Mavericks
This is the most obvious target for Dwight Howard because the team is currently in need of a star big man, and Howard would fit that role perfectly.

Analysts believe that a Dirk Nowitzki-Dwight Howard combination makes a lot of sense, saying that the pairing of Howard-Nowitzki in the frontcourt would be a good fit. Dallas also has the money to chase Howard and can afford a big deal for him.

Charlotte Hornets
The Hornets are currently in serious trouble and need to make their decision as early this summer. The team has just six players under contract for the upcoming season. This also means that they have eight possible players to re-sign when the free agency kicks off on July 1.

Analysts say that if the Charlotte Hornets will pursue Howard this offseason, they would take a big step forward. Al Jefferson is likely to go elsewhere in free agency, making Howard a potential replacement. Charlotte would become a much competitive team in the Eastern Conference with Howard on board, but they still wouldn’t be a title contender.

Indiana Pacers
Larry Bird and the Indiana Pacers are currently on the hunt and they have some money to spend this offseason. The three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year and five-time All-NBA First Team player would fit in nicely in Indiana Pacers.

Analysts say that pairing Howard with another rising star Myles Turner would be a game-changing move for Indiana. The team is hoping to play faster on the offensive end of the court, which Howard has done recently. Indiana is just two pieces away from being a serious NBA title contender, and Howard has the potential to help them get there.

Chicago Bulls
Bulls’ center Pau Gasol is likely to head for the free agency market this offseason, which is why Howard could make sense for the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls are currently in the process of rebuilding, and Howard would nicely fit well in Chicago.

Boston Celtics
Head coach Danny Ainge has put the Boston Celtics on the NBA map and become a serious contender in the Eastern Conference. The team has searched for a star and now more than ever needs to find one to work alongside Isaiah Thomas. Howard could be that guy the Celtics are looking for. A guy that could add the legitimate post scoring option and front court defense that the Celtics need.

Expect to hear a huge noise and see few teams showing interest in signing Dwight Howard when free agency begins this July. While Howard still had this some issues with Houston, a change of scenery could do the trick for him. All five of these teams could be a potential destination for him as they have a better role waiting for Howard.

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