NBA Rumors: Nick Young Lakers trade with Nuggets for Kenneth Faried unlikely, resurrects behind Loul Deng injury

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Nick Young Lakers trade, NBA rumors
PHOTOGRAPH: Keith Allison/Flickr | Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers

Not so long ago, Nick Young seemed a perfect fit for the Lakers with his “show time” personality, actualized by his “Swaggy P” nickname and, well, his swag. But then he never seemed serious with his game, or basketball career, as manifested by his off-court issues. And that started the Nick Young Lakers trade issues in NBA rumors.

His issues with D’Angelo Russell caused a rift, and it affected his performance with the team. His game style didn’t fit well with coach Byron Scott either.

There’ve been NBA rumors circulating that a Nick Young Lakers trade is possible for Farried of the Nuggets. Though unconfirmed, the idea stems from Garry Harris’ injury that has left Denver with a deep void.

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Nick Young could be the player that fills that spot in Garry Harris’ absence, and to make that happen L.A. could get Kenneth Faried, whose athleticism could go well with Luke Walton’s fast-paced basketball.

Is Kenneth Faried the big man L.A. needs? Well, Kenneth Faried is not called the “Manimal” for nothing. His game is highly physical, he can grab the boards with prowess, play tough defense, and can score some points too.

Is a Nick Young Lakers trade for Kenneth Faried going to happen? NBA rumors speculate.

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Nothing is in the works at the moment, and nothing will be if Nick Young continues to impress Luke Walton. Although he’s consistently been on the trading block, the injury of Loul Deng has become a great opportunity for him to revitalize his career.

Luke Walton intends Nick Young to fill in for Loul Deng, who’s suffered an injury. But things have turned out so well that Young’s been one of L.A.’s bright spot.

“I thought Nick Young was spectacular on the defensive end. Obviously, he’s going to make shots, but defensively fighting over screens and playing one-on-one.” Luke Walton said in a report by Lakers Nation.

Nick Young has always been a threat from the outside at the onset of his career, and he’s shown that now in the preseason. He’s never really had issues with scoring, but now he’s passing the ball real well too.

NBA rumors circulate that Nick Young has impressed his team more on the defensive end, accepting Luke Walton’s challenge. Not only is he becoming a well rounded player, but he’s focused on his game too, putting real work first, and the swag behind, not missing the opportunity to play well without Loul Deng around.

Will a Nick Young Lakers trade still happen? It seems unlikely if he can play consistently.

“He’s fighting through screens, he’s locking and trailing, getting in there and rebounding. I told him after he did it the first night, he proved to us that he can do it so now we expect to see it every time he’s out there.” Luke Walton said.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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